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The following policy(s) apply to all members, including Staff, Premium, and basic members. The terms “we,” “us,” and “our” are a representation of the Admin(s) that govern this site with the bounding rules seen fit. By using you acknowledge and accept’s “Privacy Policy,” “Terms of Service,” and additional “Rules.” If you do not agree to any part of all three rules that govern you must stop using the website and any other direct entities to If you continue visiting you agree to our “Privacy Policy”, “Terms of Service”, and “Rules” If you would like any additional information about our Privacy Policy and or Terms of Service, please contact us by email at [email protected] Please understand that our Privacy Policy may change over time without prior notice so we advise to check this page back in case of change. The privacy of our users is crucially important to us in hopes of keeping you protected to our maximum limitations. We do our best to protect your information as much as possible and keeping any and all of your information private. In this page you'll understand the forms of data we collect, why it’s collected, and our practices in using the given information. If you would like us to not collect information not directly provided, please do not post them on our site!

What Information do we Collect?

There are different types of information we collect, some are collected automatically upon signing in to the site, some are given to us through users whether it would be by commenting on trades or through other communication forms, and the rest to third parties parties such as advertising platforms (Google Adsense etc.). receives information you enter on the site and may store that given information. The information we receive may but are not limited to the visitor's Steam username, email address (if given), content submitted, and other information that the user submits willingly through comments/ text entry fields. also allows you to make comments on trades and we may store/ collect comments posted to protect other users. When a user signs into our site, we collect the following, their Steam Username/ Steam numerical ID and other public information given out by the Steam Web API. When a user comments on a trade, that comment is automatically stored on our servers. If a user comments with any personal information about any person in regards to any personal information which includes and is not limited to, full name, email address, residential address, and such private information, that information will be automatically recorded by the servers. The user responsible for posting such information will be banned and further legal actions will be taken based on the nature of the situation. is not responsible for any personal information posted through comments, however we will take action against those who post such vital statements and have them removed immediately upon site Mod/ Admin’s recognition. does receive your ISP (Internet Service Provider), IP (Internet Protocol) Address, if Flash is installed, and the browser you use. Such information is received to help enhance our user experience in knowing what platforms to improve and fix. In addition, that information is used to abide by the law in case of illegal content received.

How The Information is Used

All collected data is used to ensure we provide content our audience is interested in. Collecting such information will help us communicate better with our visitors and improve our content quality be desirable for you, the user. Information you provides us and or data automatically collected may be disclosed to law enforcement or private parties in response to a valid legal claim. has the right to protect it's data and property in which we may decline to disclose such information to law reinforcements. may decline to corporate with the government and/or private parties if the information needed are unjustified with the claim sent by the law enforcement or the private parties. If believes the information needed are important to help law enforcement and the public safety, certain information will be disclosed with the law enforcement of the state in which the servers are located.

Cookies uses cookies and local storage to enhance the user experience while using our services, however we will NEVER collect ANY private information. Local storage is used to keep you signed in to Steam, save custom backgrounds and such elements without uploading them to our sites. Cookies are files that are stored on a user’s storage to track, store and or save information about the user’s usage of the website. Information is collected to serve users with an improved experience by learning the user interaction and allowing advertising platforms to give the users adverts best fit for the user. Cookies are also used to keep track of the best advertisements and services to provide for the users by Google. On csGRO our advertisements are through Google Adsense, for more information about their privacy policy visit the page. (Google Privacy and Terms) Csgro uses Google Analytics to keep track of user interactions and statics to help understand our user base. Google Analytics does use cookies and will save a cookie on your storage to keep track of your engagement with our website only, however does not store, track, or save any of your personal information. (Google Privacy Policy) You may refuse and or delete existing cookies, most modern web-browsers today support turning off cookies although it’s not suggested as it could potentially break the correct way the site is meant to operate. To turn off cookies please visit your browser’s user instructions to turn cookies off for our site.
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Advertisement Information

We use third party advertising platforms to help pay for operating expenses.. has NO control over the information third party advertisers collect and or use. We advise our visitors to review our advertising platform Google AdSense's policy to set-up their cookies accordingly. The information third party advertisers may collect include your ISP (Internet Service Provider), IP (Internet Protocol) Address, if Flash is installed, and the browser you use.