A multi-purpose Counter Strike: Global Offensive website dedicated to providing the best tools to help players when it comes to trading, investing, and everything market related. Users can exchange items in the trading section through several methods. Players who are into investing are also given a greatly detailed portfolio page to manage their investments. And of course there is a Database collection of float values and the owners at your disposal to help you “gro” that inventory size of yours!

At the moment we have by far the most detailed analytical site when it comes to investing. Furthermore, we will soon expand to trading and more however everything is being improved upon community feedback. Lastly, it’s the csGRO team and how dedicated we are to provide you a positive experience rather than -REP you into the ground. We understand that without your backing we would cease to exist and for that we we aim to not only provide services better than others but also exceptional support.

Yes! However we do spend over $180 monthly to keep our servers running for you. To compensate for that we will provide additional features that will be paid however so far everything is in test mode until we see what works best with the community. We are aiming to provide you the most at the lowest price possible. For the Beta duration we aim to get revenue from advertising until close to launch. Close to launch we are looking to offer those who want to remove adverts a feature to do so with other additions included.

When all parts are live and are working correctly! The parts include 1. Investing (LIVE) 2. Items Database 3. Trading 4. Price Checks

Our prices are collected from the Steam Community Market and 3rd party skin selling websites with a large user base. We have a multi-layered system that will get prices from Steam first, if the item is NOT on the Steam Community Market it would go to the next market. Should the next market not have it, we go for the one after. We do have the ability to place custom prices but we believe that is not the true value of an item. Instead our prices are based on a 7 day average of ACTUAL sale. You want to know what the item sold at not some fictional price. Please put in mind that we are running in Beta mode and we will have errors. Please report us any items that have $0 value under the USD currency if found any. We also ask you to review our Guide to fully understand what every price tag is related to what on csGRO. For more information on prices please check out the USER GUIDE in the nav bar footer for more detailed information.

Very unlikely. We do not like the state of betting at the moment as it's very unorganized. IF regulations are put in place we will consider it based on feedback and requests. If we are to ever include betting section it would be TEAM BASED and must be legal. We are undecided at the moment until we explore the basis related to running such a system. In English: We really don't know! Depends on the backing we get from the community and such. No and maybe a tiny yes?!?

We're planning on adding Premium features to allow users disable advertisements and such additions. The Premium plans are set to help us pay for the costs of the site to keep it running paying for expenses. The plan is still a work in progress until the next part is done which is the User Items Database.

The maximum width to have the site properly viewed at the moment is 1300px in width. If you're screen width is less than that some containers will have a clipping issue and such. We will make the site fully responsive however towards the very end. At the moment we want to push all the content out before focusing on mobile. We kindly ask for your patience until we get to that part!

Translating an entire site is a lot of work. At the moment it's not even planned, however if we see increasing demand from our users requesting their language added we will definitely consider it.