A multi-purpose Counter Strike: Global Offensive website dedicated to providing the best tools to help players when it comes to trading, investing, and everything market related. Users can exchange items in the trading section through several methods. Players who are into investing are also given a greatly detailed portfolio page to manage their investments. And of course there is a Database collection of float values and the owners at your disposal to help you “gro” that inventory size of yours!

At the moment we have by far the most detailed analytical site when it comes to investing. Furthermore, we will soon expand to trading and more however everything is being improved upon community feedback. What truly separates us from the rest is the fact that your feedback is truly implemented into the site rather than ignored. Lastly, it’s the csGRO team and how dedicated we are to provide you a positive experience rather than -REP you into the ground. We understand that without your backing we would cease to exist and for that we we aim to not only provide services better than others but also exceptional support.

YES! We do spend over $180 monthly to keep our servers running. To compensate for that we will provide additional features that will be paid however nothing that will be against the interest of the community. We are aiming to provide you the most at the lowest price possible. For the Beta duration we aim to get revenue from advertising until close to launch. For over a period of 1.5 yrs in beta phase adverts proved unworthy as the total earned was around $30 for the entire beta duration. Put that $30 in comparison to the monthly expanse of $180. Close to launch we are looking to offer those who want to remove adverts a feature to do so with other additions included.

When all parts are live and are working correctly! The parts include:

  • 1. Market Stats (DONE) - Users can view in-depth market statistics with a page dedicated to each item. Users can also go to the "Top Market Items" to view detailed information on the best performing items on the market.
  • 2. Investing (DONE) - Users can add items to their portfolio and track the value's progress with full fledged charts. Item Alerts are also added to track items without effecting a user's portfolio.
  • 3. Floats Database (4/5) - At the moment our float database includes over 300,000 floats however we are looking to scale that databse a bit more before opening it up fully with the launch of the trading section.
  • 4. Trading (3/4) - We are on the finishing touches of the user-to-user trading platform which will be the most advanced in the CS:GO trading community. csGRO will also be introducing a new way of trading with the "Trade Gallery" that we cannot wait to show you soon!

Our prices are collected from the Steam Community Market and 3rd party skin selling websites with a large user base. We have a multi-layered system that will get prices from Steam first, if the item is NOT on the Steam Community Market it would go to the next market. Should the next market not have it, we go for the one after. We do have the ability to place custom prices but we believe that is not the true value of an item. Instead our prices are based on a 7 day average of ACTUAL sale. You want to know what the item sold at not some fictional price. Please put in mind that we are running in Beta mode and we will have errors. Please report us any items that have $0 value under the USD currency if found any. We also ask you to review our Guide to fully understand what every price tag is related to what on csGRO. For more information on prices please check out the USER GUIDE in the nav bar footer for more detailed information.

NO! csGRO.com does not have any chrome extensions unless we specify otherwise. Becareful and do not use anything that is not featured on our website/ social media as it could be malware infested.

Very unlikely. We do not like the state of betting at the moment as it's very unorganized. IF regulations are put in place we will consider it based on feedback and requests.?

We're planning on adding Premium features to allow users disable advertisements and such additions. The Premium plans are set to help us pay for the costs of the site to keep it running paying for expenses. The plan is still a work in progress until the next part is done which is the User Items Database.

The maximum width to have the site properly viewed at the moment is 1300px in width. If you're screen width is less than that some containers will have a clipping issue and such. We will make the site fully responsive however towards the very end. At the moment we want to push all the content out before focusing on mobile. We kindly ask for your patience until we get to that part!

Yes! Translating will be the last issue we will tackle as it will require lots of changes to get the terms correctly. As of the languages supported we aim to include the largest languages first then move on to the rest based on user requests. The main languages we are looking to introduce will include:

  • Russian
  • Standard Chinese/ Mandarin
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Polish
  • Portuguese

First off we cannot thank you enough for actually trying to help. We are a 3 man team, Septix, Pants, and Nik. So any help is truly apprecaited! Below are some ways you can help us make csGRO better! Contributors will be given the following badges for their kind support:

  • Suggest Something - We truly want to hear your thoughts on how we can improve this site for you and others. If you have any suggestions for how certain things should work/ operate we will be forever thankful for you and we'll give you this awesome badge if your suggestion is implemented! Create a suggestion thread here: Post A Suggestion Thread
  • Provide us with a pattern guide you've written. For example, Xanders who has the best Doppler guide was kind enough to allow us to feature his Steam Doppler guide on our site for the special pattern tags. Here's an example: Doppler Guide
  • Translating certain terms would be very helpful for us when we implement our translation system. WILL ADD GOOGLE FORM HERE LATER.
  • Joined csGRO while we were in the BETA phase.
  • Donations are accepted but are not necessary.


To protect our users we have setup a user requirement to get rid of spammers, scammers, and bots. Users who DO NOT meet the requirements will not be allowed to trade until doing so. Users who DO NOT meet the requirements may upgrade their accounts to PREMIUM to override the requirements. The requirements are subject to change without a notice so we advice you to visit the Rules, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and this FAQ page for any upcoming changes.

The MINIMUM Requirements:

  • Steam Level 3+ Account
  • 100 Hours Played on Counter Strike: Global Offensive

YES. Users may use the manual bumping button on each of their trades every 45 minutes on each trade. With a 15 seconds cooldown between each trade. We have setup systems to detect if the buttons are being pressed automatically via plugins/ personal coded bots and we will ban users who will violate that rule from our "Rules" page. At csGRO.com we weclome any change that can improve the site for users however such exploit is simply cutting the revenue we need to keep the site running. We spend over $180 every month to keep csGRO up and running and an auto-bump addon literally costs a few gems.

YES. We have setup parameters to detect abnormal up/ down votes. Users may share their trades with their friends and ask them for up/ down votes that is completely okay, however automating that process will be bannable. Meaning sharing is fine, coding bots to do that will result in a ban, simple as that.

YES. The screenshot should be of your actual skin not some random image found on google or some other way.

Same as all problems, submit a trade Rep. and please post it in the Steam group and if other users point out the same issue from the same user we will take the necessary action.

To a certain degree. As long as it does not touch the item/hand/ glove. For more info, please visit the "Rules" page and read the details for screenshot editing for more information.

YES. If you upgrade to PREMIUM then the subscription runs out, we will NOT delete your existing trades. However you will not be able perform any edits or new trades until the extra trade slots are deleted.

If the trade has any comments/ offers by other users we will archive the trade for a period of 30 Days before competely removing it from our site. To access the trade again you will need the URL so be sure to save the url if you think you will need to go back to it in the future. Admins/ mods will not supply you with that URL.

If the trade does not have any offers from other users, it will be completely removed instantly from our site.