Over the past year and half we have dedicated more than our time, patience and energy into csGRO in hopes of strengthening the CS:GO community as whole.
We are a group that consists of investors, traders, and most importantly players who have a passion for CS:GO. We are willing to listen to all feedback as we believe it's the path to succeed in this project.
I have been in the CS:GO community for about four years. Most of my work that you will see on GRO is graphics design related, the way the site layout looks, the icons, and such. Started working on the site after I lost my previous job and had lots of spare time on my hand. I still cannot wait to show you all the Trading section as it's truly special.
The brains of csGRO, without this man we wouldn't have csGRO at all. He is in charge of everything coding related, from front to backend. Very polite person to work with and all around a great person to have on the team.
Hey, my name is pants! I'm a guy who fell into trading, then market analysis, then investing almost all by accident, who has found his way to somehow be in the thick of one of the most awesome investment communities ever. I love this place and these people, I want to do the best I can to help out the community in all the ways I can. <3
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Special Thanks

You - For inspiring this entire project. Not a lot of sites dedicate lots of attention towards investing as the community is small but we hope with your backing we can keep going.
Orgworlf - All item wear preview videos are by Org thanks to his database.
Mods - The Mods at the Steam groups for helping answer so many questions on a daily basis and uphold a positive image for the csGRO team.
BitSKins - Amazing staff and they were beyond friendly when we asked them several times for assistance. The replied the same day every time and were truly helpful. Not sure who is in charge of their support but regardless, many thanks to Mr. Atif Nazir and his great team.
Statisdisc - Inspired the top columns to show sells of each items.
Ryder - Answered some questions and was very helpful.