The following rules apply for all members, including Staff, Premium, and Basic/Free members. The terms “we,” “us,” and “our” are representation of the staff of that govern this site with the bounding rules below.

By visiting you agree that you understand, acknowledge, and give your consent to the "Rules","Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy" If you do not agree with any of the website's "Terms of Use", "Privacy Policy", and or "Rules" we kindly ask you to stop using and any other directly related entities.

Note: Premium members who paid for services are ALSO liable to the following "Rules","Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy" to keep our site and users protected against harm. The positive to being a Premium is we’ll give warnings before issuing out suspensions for

SOME but not all infractions.

Our "Terms of Use", "Privacy Policy", and "Rules" may change over time without prior notice, to stay updated visit this page.

Unlike the Terms of Use which are law-binding the following rules are set by the Admins, Mods and the community as whole. The following rules help govern and shape our great community. In other words this is the place where we speak "real-English” and tell you how what happens to users who abuse certain rules written down.

Please Understand, everything we do is for the well being of the entire community. We DO NOT enjoy suspending people however as sad as it is, bans help keep the majority protected. The csGRO Staff truly care about keeping all of our users happy and satisfied but at the same time we cannot allow harm caused to others. We hope you understand our perspective and if you have any suggestions to be added to the rules please let us know on our Steam group's suggestion section.

NOT complying with our rules will result in a ban and/ or suspension depending on severity. To appeal a ban or suspension please visit our Steam group and go to the “Appeal Ban” section of the forum. Please understand that not all bans can be appealed, for example, most infractions under SECTION: A. Scamming/ Phishing are permanent with no remorse.

There are exceptions to this rule however to keep our site clean we have to be very harsh when it comes to un-banning those who disturb the rules to keep everyone safe. We hope that you understand our position on the matter and back us up in holding this rule to keep a clean community.

When appealing please refer to the infraction mentioned under what SECTION A, B, C... and RULE 1,2,3... to speed up the the un-ban process.


Any users who are reported for scamming will be investigated ONLY IF the scam is in direct correlation to If you are scammed for other purposes, sadly we cannot control that as usually the evidence to declare someone is a scammer for sure is thin when we get scam reports.

1. Impersonating website staff to take items from other people. (Our bots and staff WILL NEVER ask you for any free items, be sure the person is in the official " STAFF" Steam Group, other wise report them.)

2. Impersonating Pro-Players and trying to scam website staff (As stupid as it sounds people still try this...)

3. Impersonating someone else to get free premium membership. When users sign up for premium we have their Steam 64 ID which is a unique number to each player on Steam. (At everything is recorded! Not worth your time)

4. Impersonating staff as a "middle-man/ middle-man services" ( staff WILL NEVER provide "middle-man services" please report those who do by adding Septix’s Steam account.)

5. Adding site members through our website and linking them Malware (Virus) contained material.

6. Commenting in ANY text filed, a scam/ hijacking link/ material.

7. In trades posting an item of false condition/ wear to the actual condition you have the item in at moment of trade. For example: Placing a Factory New item in trade, but then replacing it with a Field-Tested (or lower grade/ quality) item than displayed in trade.

8. Submitting false screenshots for trades in the "Item Showcase section." You are lying about your item to increase it's value…

9. You may not ask Admins to give you free Gro Gems points. Moderators DO NOT even have the ability to change Gro Gems so please don’t bother.


1.Spamming is not tolerated in any provided text field on the website and related entities including but are not limited to's social media accounts. Spam in our Subreddit, Steam Group and/ or Blog will also be accounted for and the appropriate penalty will be set.

2.There is no such thing as Trade spams! Our trade system will automatically detect trades that are duplicates and will not allow users to post the same exact items in both fields. Users may change one or two items on each field of trade which makes their trade go through. We don't see that as spam and we have set the trade system to the best method that will help you trade your items.

3.Abusing the report button on trade comments... If you feel very offended and reply to a person who "low-balled" you with extreme threats you will be punished instead. Rude comments are fine, however threats are on a whole other level. We are all for freedom of speech, you are free to speak your mind to it's full capacity however we cannot afford hurting others over virtual items, at the end there's a human behind every monitor.


1.You may not team up with others to NEGATIVE REP a member without probable cause. We the staff were very upset at seeing other trading platforms abuse their powers and allowing others to do the same thing. Like all rules on here, the rules also apply to our staff with no exceptions. If you believe you were given NEGATIVE Reputation points by a Mod, please contact SEPTIX's Steam Profile and leave a comment on profile with "Staff Abuse," and it will be fixed immediately. Commenting that you want to report staff abuse when in reality you want something else will result in a very severe reaction. Septix, as the owner of I have put loads of hours into this platform to make sure we set a positive example not just as a CS:GO website but as gamers in general. All our staff were carefully chosen to be working on the website. All staff members start as Steam Group Moderators and work their way up based on their contributions to this great community.

2.Giving NEGATIVE Reputation because a person "Low-Balled" you... this is csGRO not other trading platforms. Here we consider "Low Ball" an offer like it really is. You don't like the offer? Skip it and hide the comment! In addition Premium members will be able to to set a certain threshold on the total offered in comments to automatically block/ hide offers lower than their trade's total amount however writing things such as "Low = -Rep" will result with the same repercussions basic members are subjected to.

3.Do not send in reputation for issues that are NOT CS:GO related. If the person scammed you for services that are out of the CS:GO trading realm we will remove those posts as they are irrelevant. Example: You offered to pay a person $100 for him/ her to promote your website. However after taking your money they lie to you and do not live up to their promise. That has nothing to do with trading/ investing so please keep it out, that’s what contracts and lawyers are for!

4.Wrong trade form submissions will be removed. Sadly Admins and Mods cannot change the payment form manually and at the same time we cannot have conflicting numbers so if you file a submission under a different form than intended please reach out to us at [email protected], Steam Group and or Twitter.

5.Offering items/ services in exchange for reputation will result in a suspension and or ban. Reputation is implemented to give feedback on a person and buying reputation will result in a speedy ban. Mods like to ban more than suspend rep buyers and sellers however there will be a few exceptions. Accepting “Donations” for reputation is NOT different at all. Actual donations that require nothing in return are okay however they cannot be a reason for adding reputation, you will be banned.

6.We will NOT ban users if there’s no sufficient evidence. We do not allow game code related trades such as game bundles or such exchange that occurs on third party sites and not Steam. The ONLY other sites that are not Steam related but are supported include PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, BitSkins, and OpSkins. Services such as screenshots and steam profile art are also prohibited when it comes to reputation. Any exchange outside of what is mentioned above will not be investigated. “Donations” count as services when you force them on others and will also not be bannable.


1.Do not ask Mods for priority on your Showcase(s) as most of the time it's out of their control and they cannot search through thousands upon thousands to find your image(s)! Premium are first then Basic members is the way the Showcase approval is setup by default. All screenshots/ videos provided in the item showcase are automatically posted with links and a warning. Our Mods go through every single screenshot and try to approve as many as they can. Screenshots/ videos that approved will then be posted in the "Item Showcase" for all others to see on that awesome display!

2.Unrelated screenshots and content not CS:GO item related in links as "Item Showcase" submissions has the highest and most severe punishment out of all the rules. Sending such inappropriate content is waste of time to the mods who are dedicating restless hours into helping you make a great trade and paying them off by wasting their valuable time is certainly upsetting and will not be tolerated. Sending such content will definitely result in a PERMANENT BAN as you’re hurting the community at a whole. By the time the Mod declines your link they could have approved another 3-4 images/ videos...

3.Brand images on Screenshots are NOT allowed. You may edit the image to your liking adding float value and such "cool" additions however adding brand icons that are trademarks with other companies will not be approved as they could potentially cause the site legal issues. Brand icons/ logos in YouTube videos are completely fine as well as screenshots from external image services. However if that image is being uploaded manually onto our servers we cannot accept it.

4.Image Editing to lie about an item's true wear is not tolerated at all. You MAY edit your screenshot to make your item LOOK GOOD, however editing the item in your screenshot to falsify wear value than the item's true wear will result in a very rough reaction from the mods. Color correction is allowed however hue and similar elements that could fully change the way an item looks in game will result in a ban. Color correction MAY NOT be applied OVER the item. Mask your item out to not interfere with the background color correction if need be. You may not edit, paint over an item's scratches/ worn surface, “blue” that area, and or alter it in any specific way to hide the item's authenticity. Other than that, we want you to make the BEST looking screenshots you can because a good screenshot can be the difference between 50 and 100 keys!

5.Applying non-existent stickers is prohibited. Meaning, you CANNOT add stickers that are actually not on the weapon. In addition if the screenshot image is an old one with the stickers applied you may NOT set that as a screen as it could mislead other traders. Removing stickers is also prohibited. You should delete the old image with the stickers and send new images in. If you remove stickers that we’re actually on the gun and or scratch them to a certain point that they’re useless you will be permanently banned. Such acts count as scamming and being a scum usually results in a ban on this site. People who abuse others in the community through such methods will receive the same punishments as those who try to fake the item condition the harshest out of all of them.

Same rules apply for color correction over stickers etc.

6.Images created by other users CANNOT be used if they are not your actual item. Yes the admins do notice even a single different number in the pattern index of a weapon if it doesn't match to your screenshot it will mislead people. Example: Do not go around googling “Asiimov Screenshots” download something and upload it as your own. Chances are that item has different attributes to the one actually in your inventory. Such actions will be considered as scam and fraud and can result in a ban.

NOTE: If another user uses YOUR actual item and makes a screenshot of it you are free to share it with us. As long as he/ she has given you permission.

7.Scamming screenshot from artists is not a transaction and therefore you should not post a rep review for it or else you’ll be banned.

8.DO NOT add text, objects, or anything behind your item in a screenshot. Any graphics you add should be to the side and there should be proper radius between your item and the graphics placed to avoid misconception. You should use the empty side of the screenshot to add whatever you would like however not directly behind the item even when masking.

9.When masking items to add color correction/ blur/ any other effect there must be PROPER RADIUS to not interfere with the judgement of the item’s condition/ wear/ and or color. Failing to do so for any effect will result in a ban based on severity.

10.When someone else makes a screenshot for you, all parties will be banned/ suspended if said screenshot does not meet the requirements.

11.The lowest accepted resolution for an image to be approved must be 1280 x 720 PIXELS. Admins can tell if the image is blurry or it seems that it was upscaled with an image editing software. We ask that your game is at 720p when you take a screenshot.

12.Passing screenshots is allowed ONLY with proof. For example: If I’m trading a knife and I hired someone to make the screenshot for it. When trading we agreed that I would allow you to use that same screenshot for your future trades with the item. Make sure you take screenshot evidence and save the person’s Steam 64 ID. No, his name in the screenshot will not help us identify him. Best way is take a screenshot and name the screenshot with the Steam 64 ID. If we receive complaints about using screenshots with no proof it will be deleted.

13.2 handed screenshots are allowed as long as the items do not conflict between the two separate screens. If the hands are overlapping it’s fine however the item is NOT. The item being the overall object even if the smallest bit in an item it should not conflict with another hand/ object. So conflict with Object to Object = NO, Object to Hand = NO, Hand to Hand = OK.


1.Video must be maximum of 30 seconds. That means video must be less than 30 seconds as in half a minute.

2.Video must have the minimum resolution of 720p. That is 1280 x 720 PIXLES.

3.Video may not include anything unrelated to CS:GO. That includes anime and whatever pictures included.

4.Videos with advertisements enabled will be DECLINED. Users don’t want to watch a 30 second commercial for a 30 second commercial. If we get reports that your video has ads you will be suspended after 1-one warning.

5.The rest includes similar issues that are shared with the image screenshots. Mask, mask, and mask more please do not let the effects ruin a good trade. TIP: Apply feather to the mas so that way it transitions nicely between the background and the radius close to the item getting the effect you want and passing the mods test!


1.Investing will be mainly discussed out of the website and mainly on our Steam Group and Subreddit however still we ask you to provide data with all information provided. Back up your statements if you comment somewhere on the site telling people to buy a certain item. Why should they take your word provide them with some evidence to support your claim.

2.Submitting data, data submissions include but are not limited to info graphics, spreadsheets, and just general in-depth market analysis to help the community. Data shared on our website is first posted on our Steam Group and or Subreddit and if the person agrees to give us permission to share their work credit they will be posted to the website. All information is scanned ahead of time, if spotted to have false information and after investigating it's seems as if the information was falsified on purpose we will reply accordingly.


1.Pattern tags are used for easy visibility and weapons should be inspected before moving forward with a trade. If you trade solely based on the pattern tags understand that csGRO is NOT LIABLE in any way to give you any kind of reimbursements and or refunds. Pattern tags are used for easy navigation and easy searching. You are expected to inspect and research the item before trading, otherwise it’s survival of the fittest.

2.Grief trade offers are okay as long as they are kept inside the actual website. Sending a trade with a Sand Dune for exchange with my “Dragon lol” is not danked and is not funny at all, it will only get you suspended and possibly banned. Be Careful over-doing this as it can easily lead to a ban because you're walking on a thin-line with this rule. Sending Steam offers as a joke counts as scam and you’ll be banned. Keep the banter inside ONLY not on Steam or any other site...

3.Lying about buyouts constantly is annoying and frustrating for all. If you re-think a buyout multiple times before someone actually sends you a trade that’s fine. However please don’t increase the price when the person actually offers what you asked for. If this happens once, twice, five times; it’s fine, however over-doing this will cause issues.

4.We are not liable for middleman services, simply report the person who scammed you through their reputation page. csGRO DOES NOT offer middleman services and nor do the Staff on our Site. The Steam Group and Reddit Moderators are NOT part of the official STAFF. The official staff are the profiles listed under the “About Us” page. If one of the staff offers such services please contact Septix at Steam and or send us an email at [email protected]

5.The C/O - Current Offer section must have all fields with the real proof. If you add other screenshots instead of the actual value you will be banned.

6.C/O - Should match on the screenshot or else you’ll be asked to edit the post with the true current offer.

7.Your current offer must be current not from last year. If a person changes his mind and no longer has the items he was to exchange for your items, REMOVE the C/O or else you will be asked to do so before being suspended.


1.Do not disrespect the moderators and our Admins. The moderators are doing their part as a favor to help the community and do not deserve to be paid back with disrespect. If you have an issue with a moderator bring it up to the admin’s attention. You can contact the admins from the support or the about us section. Septix is always willing to accept others if you leave a comment on his profile with the reason that there is an issue with the staff. Jokes are fine but there is an appropriate line that we hope you do not cross when it becomes offensive the joke turns into an issue. We like our users and want to have fun with them, small banter is okay, however insults that can cause harm and or targeted at a group of people will result in a ban.

2.Do not attack the admins! Admins are at the top of the hierarchy and we chose ours very carefully. Only admins can issue suspensions and bans and if you have an issue with an admin, bring it to Septix’s attention as the owner of the site he will take care of you. Follow the support page for more information.

3.Do not keep asking to get un-banned if the reasoning is clear. If you are banned for a certain duration and your ban screen states there is “NO APPEAL,” DO NOT keep asking the mods/ admins to un-ban you. If the issue increases there’s a good chance that duration will be extended or possibly even set to permanent. Users should be using the Steam forum and post their appeals under the appeal sub-forum. That’s the fastest and most efficient way to be un-banned.

4.csGRO Staff will never ask you for items. We will never ask you for free items directly from Steam. “WE” as in staff includes ONLY those who are in the website at the “about us” section. We have other moderators in charge of the community Steam group and other sites such as Reddit however if they are NOT on the official staff group we will not count it as an issue. We will ban them and treat them like other scammers. However we want fast reports on our site mods and admins as they hold our image and brand that should always remain positive and for the community’s service. If any moderator asks you for items please email us at [email protected] If an admin does such, please contact Septix DIRECTLY through Steam.

5.csGRO Staff are NOT allowed to provide middleman services. No website moderator or admin is allowed to do so and if they ask you be sure to report it to Septix directly.


1.You may NOT parse ANY data in any form from csGRO without permission. Doing so will be an instant ban so please if you are trying, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch and see if we can work something out.

2.You may not copy the csGRO logo, use, edit in any commercial way as all graphics are copyrighted under

3.Extensions that will interfere with our PREMIUM services are prohibited. So please, reach out to us at [email protected] if you have something in mind and you’re wondering if it would obstruct with the rules.

Extensions that will improve user experience are beyond an OKAY! Matter fact if we can help making your process easier feel free to talk to us and maybe we can help making your life easier, for making the lives of our users easier! For such inquires please contact Septix personally by adding him on Steam or through an email at [email protected]