In-Game Screenshot Generator: FAQ

In-Game screenshots where a map is loaded and a player will inspect your item inside the game and NOT the inspect window! Get all the details and accurate representation. Section is in BETA mode.

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A pack of features to allow users disable advertisements, give limitless acess, and much more. In regards to the screenshots, users will be able to take any screenshot/ location/ any combination without spending any G.G. The PREMIUM Subscription also allows users to take screenshots without a cooldown and of course 4k resolution screenshots soon. The PREMIUM Subscription are set to help us pay for the costs of the site to keep it running paying for expenses. The plan is still a work in progress until the community is fully satisfied with it. For more information on the PREMIUM tier please click here for the PREMIUM Page and scroll down to the FAQ.

Not only do we offer the lowest fee out of all CS:GO community websites but we also have the most features included with the PREMIUM subscription. In addition all the money goes back directly into the website for future content/ sections and general community giveaways of what's left. Lastly, you'll be supporting a website that is made by CS:GO players who truly care about the community and providing you the experience you ask for.

GRO GEMS or mostly referred to as "G.G." is a csGRO points system in which users are given the gems in return for the skins they deposit. The gems can then be used to add additional features such as screenshots options or upgrading to PREMIUM.

The screenshots are taken IN-GAME where you can actually pick a location on the map. In addition you can apply effects and such additions to make distinct from the rest. And NO! This is not like Metjm. Your items are inspected in-game with the item(s) in the player's hands. Some things such as the IRL collection we change the skydome/ sky of the map to mimic the image or color.

The In-Game settings are set to the maximum quality possible. The final results of the image are uncompressed.

To give an estimate after you waited for your queue placement, as soon as your screenshot is up for the job it takes between 10 to 15 seconds max to give you the results. Please understand that we DO NOT gurauntee that we will meet the exact numbers as this section is provided as is and is very experimental.

We want to keep the item's authenticity to it's core and not alter the look by any addition colored/ effect layers. Especially with pattern based items such a Doppler where a small bit of color can be the difference of several key. The effects/ colors are applied only to the background and the player model is not touched at all, not single pixel.