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From Left to Right, Container 1: The first container is the "Market Status" container which gives us an impression of the market state (Market Volatility). This alert system helps users stay updated with the current Steam market events without having to look deep into why prices are up or down. This mode includes...

  1. Up - Prices are increasing
  2. Down - Prices are decreasing
  3. Stable - Prices are constantly up and down at a moderate rate.
  4. Panic Selling - News and or Rumors spark claims that causes prices to increase or decrease extremely fast within a short period of time.

Container 2: Displays the total sales along with the rate change in comparison to the day before. To make sure all prices are presented accurately. We take the totals from the Day Before Yesterday and COMPARE them to Yesterday's numbers. Using this method we are calculating the totals for full days instead of false numbers as the day goes before the day is complete.

  • Weapon Skins - Includes all gun skins
  • Knives - Includes all the knives
  • Containers - Includes all that Steam considers a container, including cases and packages.
  • Stickers - All stickers including tournament related stickers.
  • Container 3: Container 3 includes general CS:GO market statistics along with some csGRO related numbers.

Third Column

  • Spent - Shows how much was spent on CS:GO marketable items Yesterday. We use yesterday a lot because we want to count a full market cycle rather than an ongoing incomplete cycle which results in inaccuracy.
  • Total Overall - Concludes the total sales and amount spent over the entire CS:GO Market. Please Note: These numbers do not represent skins sold on third-party websites.
  • Total Floats - Set for an upcoming part of csGRO when we will be showcasing user floats in the next part of csGRO.

Container 4: The last container on the right side features market related articles written on the csGRO Blog. Clicking an image for an article will re-direct users to the article chosen.


The ticker pricing are same as the rest of the homepage, numbers are concluded for a full day to conclude accurate change. By default the ticker will feature the latest items added to CS:GO. If an item is a skin we will showcase the FT condition as Field-Tested skins are usually at a moderate price. Logged-In users will see the items they added to their watch list. Clicking on the ticker will open up the Market Stats page for that item being showcased.

  • Avg Price - Average Price
  • Price Change - Shows you how much the price changed in actual amount and the % change.
  • Market Price - The last price the items was sold at.
  • Volume - How many units are listed on the market
  • Volume Change - The difference in volume and the % difference.

Item Browse Container

The "Browse" button helps users navigate their way around the CS:GO items catalog. The Browse drop down allows you to select more than one item at the same time and will show you each item being shown at the top. Pressing the "X" on an item box will remove it from your search preference. Items Tracked - Refers to the items you have in your Item Watch list. The items you chose to watch are displayed at the top for easy and fast access. Making a custom search for an item will also feature items from your watched items if it meets the same searched term(s). The rest of the items under are randomly displayed out of every single CS:GO item.

Filter: Will showcase items in only that mode, Stattrak or Souvenir. There will be a lot more filters added in the future so please stay tuned.


How To Add Items To Portfolio?

Search for item on the home page or view the item's Market Stats page and click the "+" addition button. Next, you'll receive a box: Quantity: Total of units you bought for that item. (How many instances of that item did you buy?) Price Per Item: How much did you pay for each item? Each single instance. (If you bought the same item more than once at different prices make a request to add one at a time. Example: Bought 300 Phoenix Cases at $0.04 and bought 500 Phoenix Cases later at $0.10... I would add either or first then click the "+" once again this time changing my Quantity and my Price Per Item) Notes: Uh?! Notes! Perhaps it's an investment someone suggested to you or an impulse buy. Whatever you want! PLEASE NOTE: Notes are not shown to other users and are private to avoid spam and protect our users. Item Wear: Only for items with a wear condition such as Factory New, Filed-Tested, etc... Press "+ Add To Portfolio" and you're done!

Add/ Remove Profit

Users can enter a positive or a negative value that will help them keep track of how much profit they've made. The amount subtracted/ added will be included in addition to your already existing "Total After Fees." This helps if you made/ lost money on a trade or perhaps you like to shred money gambling?!

Top Totals

At the of the Overall Profit chart we have 3 set of Icons that show the following...

  1. Total Difference - The difference between Your Price and the current price/ last price the item was sold at.
  2. Total After Fees - How much you would have in your Steam Wallet if you were to cash out your entire Portfolio. Taking in Steam's sale fees into account. We take the difference and apply Steam's cut to give you the end amount.
  3. Total Spent - The Total Invested amount for the entire Portfolio. How much you spent in total.


The table is the main focus for the Portfolio and is very customizable. At the top of the table, the Average Profit gives you the total average for the past days X amount of days. The way this value is calculated is that every day we close the complete day at 12am GMT. Whatever your total profit after fees for that previous day will be recorded automatically.

At the very top of the table, the EYE symbol button gives you the option to Enable Or Disable certain table columns. Save for Excel and Copy Table are a work in progress. Clear Portfolio will reset your Portfolio and give you a clean slate. Please use this only when there is no other option left and you messed up bad as there is no going back at this moment.

The Table Columns:

  1. "+" - Gives users the option to expand the settings for that item they press the + button for. This will enable users to...
    • Delete / Cashed Out - Delete - Completely removes the profit as if nothing happened. Cashed out - keeps the profit gained from the item however removes it from the table.
    • Duplicate - Duplicate another instance of the item with a difference price. This feature is for buying the same item later at a different price.
    • Edit Volume - Edit the volume, this feature will assume your newly added items are at the same as the original price.
    • Edit Notes - Edit the Notes assigned to this item.
    • Change Target Price/ Progress - Change the target price which will also change your progress to cash out.
  2. Icon - Gives you a small image of the item.
  3. Item Name - The official Steam name for the item.
  4. My Price - The price you bought a single instance of that item at.
  5. Trend - Whether the item's price is in an UP -trend, DOWN -trend, or just stable in the PAST 24 HRS.
  6. My Volume - How much you have of this item. (Your Stock)
  7. Market Volume - How many units are listed on the market.
  8. Category - Better than CS:GO's actual category. Our categories bundle items for better accuracy. Our Custom Portfolio Category is set in a way that...
    • Cases - Weapon Cases, Operation Phoenix, Breakout, Shadow Case etc...
    • Stickers - Stickers that are by themselves and are not in a capsule.
    • Skins - GUNS! Any item that actually shoots... That includes Ak 47 etc. If it's a gun skin it falls here.
    • Sticker Capsules - Includes tournament team capsules, capsules and anything sticker related that is still in a pack rather than a single instance.
    • Souvenir/ Gift Packages - Just Souvenir Packages/ drops and Gift Packages.
    • Access Pass - Operation Access Passes.
    • Music Kits - Music Kits?!
    • Autograph Capsules - Autograph stickers capsules and packs.
    • Collectible Pins - The In-Game Pins/ trophy pins. These are the marketable pins not the genuine you get from the majors as they cannot be sold on the market.
    • Other - Includes items that are not commonly bought when it comes to investing. This includes, Keys, Stattrak Tools, and name tags.
  9. 7 Day Average - Average of sales for the past 7 days... The sum of all sales / 7
  10. Last Sale - The last price this item was sold at. Serves us better than the current price as this is based on actual sales the item sold at.
  11. Total Difference - Total Difference for your entire stock of an item. EX: Bought 200 Phoenix Cases at 0.04. The current/ last price on the market is 0.06... each case difference will be 0.02 that brings up the TOTAL difference to 200x0.02 = 4
  12. Difference - The difference between My Price and the current/ last price the item was sold at.
  13. Total Invested - The total money spent on all items. So let's say I bought 20 guns at $2 that would be $40 total invested.
  14. Total After Fees - After we sell all that stock on Steam how much we will actually have in our wallet. Fess are the Steam charge they take when you sell an item on the market.
  15. Total Diff. % - Gives you the total (%) percent of difference since the initial price.
  16. Date Added - When the item was added to Portfolio...(we're working on a way to let you set that to be a custom date)
  17. Notes - Write whatever you want! Maybe it was a buy someone suggested for you? or it was a drunk impulse buy?!
  18. Progress to Cash Out - progress bar to show you how close you are to your target price. Target price is the price you want to cash out at. When this reaches 100% you will get a notification.


PLEASE NOTE: All numbers used when it comes to profit is based on your Total After Fees. Total After Fees represents the amount of money that is made after selling an item on the steam market after Steam's cut. Overall Profit (Total After Fees)

The Overall Profit chart shows the Total After Fees growth/ decline. The chart is updated on a daily bases and like the rest of prices we conclude the day based on your Total After Fees when we close a day which is by 12 A.M. GMT.

Stock Category

The Stock Category Donut chart shows the total of stock you have in each category along with the % that makes up from your Portfolio.

Total Category Profit

Shows you how the Total After Fees totals for each category updated daily instead of an overall chart that adds all the categories up. The filter allows you to enable/ disable certain category charts.

Top Items

Top Items showcases the Top 10 Items that made you the most profit. The calculations are based on the Total After Fees.

Category Profit %

Shows you how much profit was made in %. This is also based on Total After Fees fore each category.

Item Watch

Item Watch are small modules that give you quick statistics based on the date you add an item to your list. To add an item to your "Watch List" simply find an item and click on the "Bell Symbol" when you hover over the item in the homepage or the market stats page.


At the very top of the profile page there is a bade display that will show the total hours users has clocked in CS:GO, the badges, and the user's Steam account level. Badges are site related and are given to members based on certain criteria. This page is still a work in progress, more filters and additions will come later.

  • Reviews - Work In Progress
  • Karma - Work In Progress
  • Trades - Work In Progress

Inventory - The inventory value.

The Categories Donut chart is similar to the portfolio page where you are shown how much stock you have of each category and the % but the only difference here is these categories are the same as Steam's categories. The Inventory Value chart shows the growth/ decline of your Inventory Value. The inventory Value is updated DAILY by default and you will receive a notifications telling you of the old and the new value. Users can also add a point on the graph when pressing the "Load Inventory" button a point will be plotted for that day.

Inventory Display Mode

Investors with large stock of the same item do not want to see several pages of cases so we added an option to have the inventory stacked for those who want that option. However at the sametime if you would like to show items individually you can toggle that option as well to see the Float and attributes for each item.

Load Inventory

Load Inventory button will load your CS:GO items and also shows you skin attributes such as float, pattern index, float meter, and float % meter.

PLEASE NOTE: Steam's API is very weak and for that reason sometimes it takes a while to get your items or sometimes it simply doesn't load the items because the Steam API is down. This is NOT FROM OUR END BUT FROM STEAM.


To add an item to your Wishlist, simply go to an item on the homepage or the market stats page of that item and on hover, press the "Star" icon. To remove the item from your wishlist simply go back to the market stats page and un-check that star! We are working on making this more customizable so users can input custom floats and pattern indexes however that will come at a later date.

Settings Page

This page is under HEAVY CONSTRUCTION. Lots of the options will be locked/ removed later.


On csGRO you can enable or disable browse notifications using the arrow drop-down next to your Steam name on the top right corner. PLEASE NOTE: Browser Notifications are displayed ONLY for GOOGLE CHROME users.

You can also select backgrounds, solid backgrounds, and video backgrounds. These backgrounds are the default options at the moment and they will be replaced in the future with CS related backgrounds and much better video backgrounds.

Pricing Information

There is a variety of prices are used to compile the data for you and they differ from page to another.

Computers are and will always be more accurate than humans when it comes to data and for that reason we aim to have all of our numbers automated rather than playing a guessing game. Furthermore at csGRO we have a multi-layer pricing system to get you a price no matter where the item is at. We want to make sure all items including those that are not on the Steam Community Market are price tagged with an accurate number that actually updates. Our pricing system is set in to first check the Steam Community Market for a price, if failed get the price from a 3rd party skin selling market. If failed again from that site, go to the next market to get that price for the item. Lastly if the second 3rd market fails us we enter the amount manually as the last resort. We have manual override capabilities however we have yet to use them and plan on not using them unless market manipulation becomes very evident. The only time we will use the manual pricing is for items that have no prices whatsoever and those prices will be gathered after careful research of online forums such as /r/GlobalOffensiveTrade.

Home Page

The Header

The header's prices add up all of the sells and or units sold for a day and their percent (%) increase or decrease. The arrows represent the changes by day. The time is set to conclude a day at 12am GMT everyday. The % comparison is done by comparing the day before yesterday's closing (12 a.m. GMT) to yesterday's closing. We have to wait till 12 a.m. GMT in order to give stats for another day. We did not want to do real-time updates under the same day as it would mess up the % change. Having reports for a day that is not complete/ closed provides discrepancies in the data as the numbers are not complete for that day which would result in false data. To be safe we wait till each day closes to provide a very accurate estimation. GMT closing time was chosen as it's the median time across the globe and allows for easier conversion of time our users.

The categories in the header are bundled together instead of Steam's categories to provide a general idea over an entire item type. - Skins - All gun skins; all skins in exception to the knives. - Knives - Only the knives - Containers - Same as the CS:GO category contains commodity items such as cases, packages, etc. - Stickers - includes ONLY stickers and sticker capsules. The price seen in an item container is the seven day average, (7 day avg.). The average is the TOTAL SELLS OR SPENT FOR PAST 7 DAYS / 7 The numbers are placed to the right of every condition corresponding to the item container.

The Ticker

  • Last Price: At csGRO we went a different route then guessing numbers as we've seen other sites lack accuracy when having to guess numbers. In English, nothing can beat a computer so we try to do as little as possible manually. For that reason the prices featured in most of the containers that need a "Current Price" are based on sales. The "Last Sell" states the at what value the last item was sold at. We provide all of our numbers from sales including NON-SCM items because they are ACTUAL SALES, not listings that can change at any time.
  • Price Change: Price change concludes the change in price in the actual amount difference compared to the previous day along with the percent (%) change in-between the parenthesis.
  • Average Price: Average price of the item, total sales of the past 7 days/ 7.
  • Volume:Steam Community Market Listings when the day closed at 12 a.m. GMT compared to yesterday's.
  • Volume Change: Change of the listings in actual units along with the percent change. A positive value means there were more units listed that day than the previous.

Market Stats

By far the most price oriented side of GRO would be the market statistics for each item on the market. There are several prices provided and this area can be confusing if you don't understand what number represents what exactly.

Under The Item:

Under the item the prices provided like the homepage is the average price of the item corresponding to that condition for the past 7 days. Based on actual sales to provide an accurate number. Instead of current price or "Last Sell" the average helps prevent market manipulation to a point. For example if an item is priced at $10 and someone buys one at $20 then it would be inaccurate to use the "Last Sell" price; using the current price is also false as it would be a listing rather than an actual sale.

The column area is unique to csGRO providing additional stats we believe can be beneficial for our users, especially investors.

  • Column 1: Price History Price History provides the Highest price a unit was sold at in the past 24hrs and over the item’s complete span on the market under “Overall Duration.”
  • Column 2: Volume Change Similar to the Price History however this provides the High and Low for the units listed on the market.
  • Column 3: Units Sold Units Sold gives you the total units this item sold in the past 24hr and of course the full duration as well. In between the parenthesis is the change in units sold since the previous 24hrs.
  • Column 4: Spent The spent column give you the sales and how much was spent on the item. Like previous columns mentioned, the parenthesis is associated with the change compared to the previous 24hrs.
  • Column 5: Float That’s right! csGRO will have a float database in the near future and the following will be included. Total number of floats tracked for that item and selected condition. In addition the Highest and Lowest float ever recorded. This container is a work in progress so please understand that it may be changed and or removed although we don’t plan on doing so.

Price Listing

The Price Listing container holds the price of the item in relation to each market including, Steam Community Market, OpSkins, and BitSkins. This container can be inaccurate as we do not have additional request calls from the markets listed and cannot give you the current price to buy it in REAL-TIME. The numbers might be a bit higher or lower when it comes to third party websites because we can only refresh that price a certain amounts of times per day. We are doing our best to reach out to these markets and hopefully provide a solution and faster pricing updates but till then it will remain a work in progress container which means it will be altered and or removed.

Past X Days

Past X days tells the user the average price of the item for the past 180, 90, 30, and 7 days. The average is calculated by adding the sum of all sells for that time frame and dividing them by the corresponding days selected.


The First chart shows the overall price of the item, directly from steam.

The "Supply & Demand" chart shows the total units listed and sold. The first tab on the table shows the DAILY SALES & LISTED which is calculated when we close the day at 12 A.M. GMT. The second tab "Raw Data" is directly from Steam shows you every number we receive purely without adding them all for the day.